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Hi everyone thanks for reading this article, Today I need some feedback about my game trailer hope you can help me know what I need to improve for my game trailer

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Hi everyone thank for reading, I need some feedback about my game including a game trailer, poster, and steam page...


First It is the main capsule of the game, I designed it minimal but eye-catching it will be shown onsteam the Steam store page, I also design a game text logo for the game

this is also my trailer for the game, I need some feedback on it from you What do you think I need to improve

Finally, I need some feedback about some changes I made to my Steam page description below (I copied it so you don't have to go to the link):


Minimalism style - Minimalism design room in 2D view.

Classisc platformer - Classic 2D platformer style.

Take word - Take the word of the NPC

Connect word mechanism - change the rule of the game by connecting different words.

Facing your fears - you may be gonna lost focus and have dementia.

Shape: Mind of Thinker tells the story of a negative thinker stuck inside his/her state of mind.
Everything in the state of Mind is not normal. Sometimes a text, a shape, it even has rain inside.
The thinker realizes they are stuck inside the room where objects become text-like from BOX to their thought.

Game Features

  • Classic platformer
  • Minimalism design
  • Solve puzzle
  • Connect word mechanism
  • All things in your Mind are words even BOXES

Thank you for reading I hope you can share what you thought and give me some feedback

For contact: brightstdio@gmail.com
Mygame: steam

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