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An early version of the Wizardry 8 style turn based combat system.

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Hey guys,

just wanne give you an impression of the combat system that will power The Lone Adventurer. Like the rest of the game, combat will be first person. Your party will adventure the world and combat will be engaged by you or the enemies on sight. From here, combat will be turn based, meaning any person involved will get one or several turns one after the other until combat ends. The player party (group of characters) will move as one entity. In later versions the player will be able to issue commands to each party member, e.g. Attack, Cast Spell, Play Instrument and the like. The order for each turn will be calculated by 'Initiative'- skill.

This early version is by no means finished, but it already shows the basic idea and code wise most of the complicated stuff (e.g. Unity NavMesh horror) is already solved. What it shows:

  • basic combat game play
  • enemies approach Player depending on their weapon range
  • ranged NPCs avoid to shoot against obstacles and avoid to accidentally hit friendly NPCs
  • basic combat restriction system ('Action Points' to limit # of actions and how far to run + attacks per round restriction)

The text above enemies heads gives some 'debug' information. If it is red, the enemy can attack the Player, yellow means out of range. The lines in the bottom 'Scene' window show calculated walking paths and ray casts to find out if friendly units block the direct sight on the enemy (for ranged attackers only). The circles are walkable positions. The AI itself is pretty basic right now. It tries to get in weapon range and attack.

The 'console' window on the upper right shows the current character's action.

There is no damage yet. The player cannot do anything but run right now.

Have fun!

Comments, love and hate welcome.


Nice! You should get funding for this.

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