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We talk about what features are in the new demo and a sneak-peek our new main enemy, a giant snake!

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You can try out the new demo RIGHT NOW!

RF2 Demo Windows

Here we are with another demo festival. You can download the demo right now! We’ve been working on The Snake (or also called Chirk). So expect an article about it in the future! We wanted to make a demo around the snake but after a lot of prototyping, we realized that playing with it on a short time scale (like 5-10 min) wouldn’t be fun. The game also lacks many core features of player-snake interactions meanwhile there are enough mechanics to have fun with The Centipede. Even though Red Frontier’s protagonist is The Chirk, we just didn’t have enough time to create those core features. But stay tuned for future demos or playtests! Meanwhile, if you want to get a taste of that terror of the snake, you can play the Red Frontier 1.

So what’s in this demo?

We wanted to make a new experience so badly. But we just didn’t have any gameplay features and time to make those features. So we’ve updated the steam summer festival demo. While making that demo, we had to cut out portions of content to match the deadline. We’ve worked to add those content back into the demo.

New Snake

The ending of the old demo finishes with the fake 3D of the snake eating you. There was nothing interactable. It’s just a linear non-interactable animation that you have to sit through. And like I’ve said we’ve worked on the core features of The Snake. So we’ve wanted to add it and the demo’s ending has changed! We’ve also added a new room to adjust the pacing. I’m not going too much detail on Snake (Stay tuned for next article!) but I can say that the snake you’ll be seeing on the demo will 0 real with it’s AI and body IK systems.

A little sneak peek about The Chirk

Hacking System Visual Overhaul

We also didn’t like the old look of the hack system. We wanted to add some mini-game so we’ve rushed it. Now, we updated the visual both UI and in-game appearance.

New Hacking Device

SS 39 24

Old vs New


New Hacking UI

Centipede AI upgrades

The centipede had lots of troubles at the demo. We’ve patched it like 4 times. With this new demo, we’ve updated the centipede’s codebase. We also adjusted the difficulty so it wouldn’t be much annoying


Other changes

New Door Material

SS 52 13

New step sound system

There are different layers of sounds stack on top of each other with their weights affected by lots of things

New decontamination room

New door: Auto door

-There are at least one in every mall

Room adjustments

-Level design adjustments to achieve more fluid gameplay

Sound Visualization

-We’ve found in the old demo that the players didn’t notice throwing objects will cause a sound that will attract hostiles. So we've made a new visualization system


That’s it for this article! There were other features (like progression) we wanted to add but we both are working on this game in our free times. So we tried our best with the time we had. Anyway, be sure to try out the new demo!

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