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After 3 years of development Titanium Hound is finally out on Steam!

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It's finally done! :) The game is out on Steam. Soon it will be released on other platforms, and probably in few more PC game stores as well. I'm really happy with what was achieved in this project. It has unique gameplay features, voice acting to make the story more immersive, and it looks good. The game is not big, you'll need just few hours to complete it, but I'm sure that gameplay will keep you really busy and the story will raise some important things to think about. Cyberpunk story has to be instructive - this is what the genre demands.

I understand that controls in this game need some time to get used to, but I'm sure it won't be a problem for most of you, especially if you are hardcore player. Please, don't hesitate to share your thoughts about the game and write reviews after playing.

Here is the link to the game on Steam: Titanium Hound on Steam (steampowered.com)

Stay tuned for news about releases on other platforms!

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