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Both keyboard+mouse and gamepad are now customizable to a certain degree. A number of small bug fixes are also included in this version of the demo.

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With 0.3.1 update demo version finally gets customizable controls. This affects both keyboard+mouse and gamepad, but customization works only to the certain degree. Instead of manual remapping for each key I've implemented mapping modes system that works differently for different type of controllers. I hope this will make the controls customization not only universal enough, but also very fast and comfortable.

Mouse has 2 modes that allow you to switch between LMB and RMB for primary and secondary shots. Keyboard has 4 modes that allow you to switch between QWERTY, AZERTY, Colemak and Dvorak layouts.

First gamepad setting has 2 modes that allow you to switch between RT/LT and RB/LB for primary and secondary shots. Second gamepad setting has 2 modes that allow you to switch between left and right sticks for moving and aiming.

You can access controls customization from Settings menu both on mission and in the main menu. Some controls defaults were changed to become more comfortable to use, so please review the new controls and adjust them with controls options before starting a mission.

Titanium Hound demo 0.3.1 also has some minor bug fixes that won't affect gameplay much, but will make some things look better. For example, protagonist's projectiles won't be traceable by opponents anymore, so turrets won't close when there are your projectiles between its gun and its target.

Titanium Hound screenshot

Titanium Hound screenshot

You can get the demo version 0.3.1 on Steam and IndieDB:

Titanium Hound on Steam (steampowered.com)


Titanium Hound demo 0.3.1

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