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Titanium Hound - alpha version 0.05 is now available on IndieDB.

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I'm ready to show you fresh gameplay video from alpha 0.05 version of Titanium Hound as well as the alpha version itself (see link in the end of the article). A lot of work has been done since the previous version. There are more visual improvements for both mission and user interface, balance changes, working Craft system and placeholders for mission and character progression. The game still has only one playable mission, but it can be completed with following unlock of the next mission's icon and previous mission result description. Protagonist's level up unlocks one more crating blueprint during the mission as well as two new skills and one more skill point when you return to map after completing the first mission successfully. Also New Game button now allows you to reset your save game and start from the beginning.

Mini bosses now have much less armor but gained new defensive and offensive capabilities. When they see you they launch attack drone similar to the ones that appear when you trigger alarm. Shield covers the mini-boss by default, making your attacks against it useless, but they have to deactivate shield to make ranged or melee attack - this is your chance to bring them down fast.

Use crafting parts to make unique items than can help you during play through. Titanium Hound can hold just one crafted item of each type. In order to use such item it need to be armed first, and then fired with secondary attack button (see controls). After using a crafted item you can craft another one. Crafting parts drop randomly from most destructible items, all enemies, and 100% drop from specialized containers.

You can download Titanium Hound alpha 0.05 here: Indiedb.com

Enjoy playing and feel free to provide any feedback you have! :)

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