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Titanium Hound - alpha version 0.03 is now available for you to play.

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Hello everyone! :)

Alpha version of Titanium Hound is finally here! It is almost completely feature-ready, almost bug-free, but still has just one mission available. If you would like to try playing it yourself and maybe provide some feedback, feel free to download and install it (see link below). Please read the tips below if you didn't play previous versions of the game.

First place you better visit after the game starts are settings. Use WSAD to navigate through the menu and SPACE to select options. This screen has tips about controls and allows you to change screen resolution as well as sound and music volumes. All available resolutions (except default) are windowed, and default one is simply the largest from your monitor's supported resolutions list.

Game supports modern gamepads like Dual Shock 4 for example. There is no tip for gamepad controls in game yet. For now I'll just provide the tips here on example of DS4 controller. Left stick's X axis allows you to move left and right in menus and on mission. Left stick's Y axis allows you to move up and down in menus and aim up and down on mission. X button allows you to select options in menus and jump on mission. Triangle button allows you to interact with environment (push buttons, grab and throw barrels). R2 and R1 allow you to shoot primary and secondary weapon modes. Finally, L1 button allows you to use shield.

Start and Continue buttons in the main menu open mission menu. From there you can navigate to available mission and start it. Also, you can switch to Gear and Skills section and select 2 cards of 6 currently available.

After the mission start don't rush forward, and try out controls first. Titanium Hound doesn't require fuel or ammo to function. It has energy that travels between its gun an shield systems. When you shoot or jump, you redirect energy to the shield, and when you use shield, you redirect energy to the gun. So, basically, if you want to use shield, fire some shots or make some jumps so the shield will have enough energy to function, and vice versa – if you want to shoot, use shield to gain some energy for gun. Titanium Hound can also use Dash mode to move really fast and jump really high. To use this mode, simply use shield while moving or jumping. Dash mode is not just a way to move fast, but also a part of a powerful combo – when you Dash through stunned enemies, you make much more damage to them. However, this doesn't work on mini-bosses. To stun an enemy, hit it with your secondary shot. Primary attack only deals damage to the target.

In order to complete the mission, you need to reach building to the right of drop zone, pass through it, chase a boss on the road, solve container puzzle to gain access to its engine, and then destroy the engine. Remember that chasing and puzzle parts are time-limited. If you'll have any problems completing the mission, watch video with full playthrough to have some additional tips.

Have fun playing! :)

Download link: Patreon.com

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