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Post news RSS Weekly Update #39: The Tutorial & A Bit About Lore

INT Weekly Update 39 | Tutorial and Lore information. Introducing you to interacting with the world of INT and where to find that juicy lore.

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Hey there INTverse fans!

We’ve been hard at work over the recent holiday, building up our team and progressing INT’s development. In this update, we’ll talk about what might not be the most attractive of assets, but an important one nonetheless: The Tutorial. Following that, we’ll cover one of the big ways in which we’ll be sharing INT’s lore.

The majority of our recent work has been refining the overall player experience and gameplay. To introduce you to our world, you’ll meet your roommate Jenks, the token conspiracy-theorist that every apartment needs. Jenks, however, just might know a bit too much about the world to come. Take advantage of his guidance to learn the basics of combat and interacting with the world or turn him away so he can go back to his favorite pastime of improving his emergency plans.

Player's Room

After the escapade with Jenks, you’ll enter the main game. Your once pristine apartment building is ravaged, on fire and looks like is a disaster zone. Let's hope Jenks' survival tips come in handy...

Should Probably Move...

From there on, your actions and inactions shape your adventure. As you navigate through your disaster of an apartment complex, you’ll learn more about the politics and social customs in the INTverse. The biggest key to experiencing these lore tidbits are these nifty terminals:

The TerminalFound a Terminal!
Terminal - AppsTerminal - Email

Find a terminal to access mail, the latest news and more. We’re still adding features and tweaking these babies, but you can expect to enjoy exploring them all.

That’s it for this week's update! We’ll see you again soon with another update on our continued progress in the INTverse.

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