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An update on Z-Exemplar post-launch focusing on player and press reaction and some technical issues that had to be addressed.

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Hello all,

This is an update on Z-Exemplar's post-launch progress.

Reaction from those hat have played has been awesome. Many have logged 10+ hours of play and are still discovering new features and easter eggs hidden deep within the game. To my knowledge only one person has completed the game, conquering the Hewson Nebula in approximately 16 hours of game time. His Steam review of the game states he had a great time playing and it is hugely gratifying to find players investing so much of their time (a commodity in such short supply these days) in Z-Exemplar.

Online coverage has been decent, though we would always want more, with one reviewer at Flickeringmyth.com describing Z-Exemplar as "... a must for Retrogsmers" and giving it an 8/10 score.

There were some teething problems immediately after launch. Some players reported difficulty using various controllers which required a bit of a patch but generally the game has stood up to the rigour of being played in earnest.

Some players have commented on the difficulty level. Z-Exemplar starts out intentionally slowly - levels are short and fairly sparse but that soon changes. It is intended as a challenge and some later levels based on extremely hostile planets are certainly that. But this is how I wanted it to be - it is how I remember the games of my youth - hard, but most importantly, fair.

What now?

Now it is on to mobile versions of the game and making the game playable with touch screen. The guts of this work has already been done and I'm really happy with how the game plays but I need to make menus etc a bit more suited to touch.

Z-Exemplar is available now from Steam

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