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The upcoming game "Stone Age Warriors" is a multiplayer fighting game that features a tournament in which tribe members compete to the death inside an arena to determine which tribe is the strongest.

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Hi, IndieDB community we are RockSlide.

Welcome to our third article about Stone Age Warriors, our new game.

Today we bring you a small update, our logo.

Game Logo sketches

Image 1: Logo sketches

We began by doing quick black and white sketches for the game's logo, either using an imported font or experimenting with drawing the words ourselves.

Game Logo sketches 2

Image 2: Color studies

Then, we polished up the sketch that we liked the most (which was the one in the middle), gave it a little color, and cleaned it up.

Then we did some color studies and refined the design even more by adding volume to the words and subtle color gradients.

Game Logo sketches 1

Image 3: Tweaked version

After receiving some feedback, we decided to do a new set of sketches to find a way to include the rope in the logo design since that is one of the selling points of our game. In the end, we found a way to include the rope, and we also split the word ‘warriors' in half as if it were playing tug of war.

Game Logo sketches 3

Image 4: Logo sketches 2

After some exploration and iteration, we have reached a decision on our logo. We considered various design concepts, color palettes, and typography options to ensure that our logo captured the essence of our game.

logo png

Image 5: Final logo

That is all I have for you guys today.

Have a nice week!

RockSlide Studios

See you in the next post

studio lg

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