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The upcoming game "Stone Age Warriors" is a multiplayer fighting game that features a tournament in which tribe members compete to the death inside an arena to determine which tribe is the strongest. Today, we'll delve into our game's tribes and investigate the various cultures they represent. We'll look at what makes each tribe unique, from their origins and histories to their customs and traditions.

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Hi, IndieDB community we are RockSlide.

Welcome to our third article about Stone Age Warriors, our new game.

Today, we'll delve into the history and culture of the tribes who will compete in our arena. We'll look at their distinct customs, and traditions, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

tribes conceptsImage 1: Tribe concepts

As we began the process of creating our game, we decided to start with two initial tribes, the "Cave Tribe" and the "Riverbay Tribe". The Cave Tribe originates from deep within the mountains, living in caves and relying on their strength and resourcefulness to survive. The Riverbay Tribe, on the other hand, lives along the riverbanks and has mastered the arts of fishing and water navigation. While these tribes may seem very different, they share a common goal in the arena, to come out on top and claim victory for their people. In designing these tribes, we took inspiration from real-world indigenous cultures and tried to create unique, believable backstories for each one. We believe that having distinct and fleshed-out tribes will add depth and richness to our game, making it more immersive and engaging for the players.

cave illustrationImage 2: "Cave tribe" illustration

The "Cave Tribe", one of the two tribes in our game, comes from the depths of the mountains, where they have lived for generations. They have a rich history of survival and resilience, having learned to rely on their strength and resourcefulness to overcome the harsh conditions of their environment. As a result, they have developed impressive survival skills, such as hunting, gathering, and crafting tools and weapons from the resources available in their surroundings, as well as aggressive behavior.

riv illustrationImage 3: "River tribe" illustration

The "Riverbay Tribe" has a long-standing relationship with the river and the waterways, having lived along the riverbanks for generations. They have developed sophisticated fishing techniques and are skilled navigators of the water. They have built their homes and communities on the banks of the river, using the water as a source of food and transportation. The river has also provided them with a natural defense against their enemies, as it can be a formidable barrier to cross. The tribe has learned to work with the river and the surrounding environment, adapting to the changing seasons. They have a deep respect for the river and the creatures that inhabit it, and they have developed rituals and traditions to honor and celebrate the water's power and bounty.

Now we're going to show you a sneak peak of our region map and one of the modifiers that will be available in our game: The meteorite.

region mapImage 4: "Crimson Canyon" region study

The early study of our map, "Crimson Canyon," is an important aspect of our game design as it provides the players with a comprehensive overview of the game world. Apart from that, it will also serve as a level selector for the players, allowing them to choose the arena they want to fight in. We have also taken inspiration from real-world locations to create a believable and immersive game world that players can enjoy. Additionally, the map will be used to introduce players to the lore and backstory of the different tribes and their respective regions, giving them a deeper understanding of the game's world and the characters that inhabit it.

In this early test, we wanted to see how the meteorite modifier would affect the gameplay and the overall look and feel of the game. We designed the meteorite to be a rare but powerful event that would change the dynamics of the match when it occurs. We created a prototype of the meteorite and tested its impact on the environment and the players. The meteorite will have a high damage output and will leave a large impact crater on the ground. We also tested different ways to visually indicate when the meteorite is about to land, such as warning messages or visual effects in the ground.

That is all I have for you guys today.

Have a nice week!

RockSlide Studios

See you in the next post

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