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Dev progress (Oct 2-22): new buildings in town, starts of bartering, new items & things, beginnings of traps, and more!

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Greetings, here's our update for the last 3 weeks of development:


General Shoppe:


This is the 1st iteration of the General Shoppe in Town. The shelves were also created this week. And the Merchant Chicken (placeholder), who runs the shop.

Blacksmith Building:


This is the blacksmith's building (WIP) that has been worked on for some time now. Finally, it is polished enough for eyes to gander.

Some things present:

  • Blacksmith’s forge (bellows & anvil)
  • Shop area (with some preliminary armor stands & weapon racks placed)
  • Kitchen (just a stool, shelves, & an opening to the forge as of now)

On a side note: you can destroy your shoes rapidly by running around in the forge, though, currently, not taking any damage yourself.


The bartering system has begun and has reached a functional point. It’s still a WIP as there are a few bugs and there’s a lot that can be done to improve feedback to the player. Here’s what we have now:

  • You can select items you’d like to offer for trade in your own inventory and select items you would like to acquire in the merchant’s inventory. A Selected item will display a ‘B’ in the upper right corner of its slot, designating ‘barter.’
  • We’ve setup preliminary item values for shopping. Highlighting an item will display its value.
  • A transaction display at the bottom shows how much gold you will have to pay/will receive to compensate for the imbalance of the selected item’s values.
  • Merchants will emit a vocalization at the start of bartering.
  • A successful transaction will increase your character’s Persuasion skill.


Pitchfork & Hay Pile:


The pitchfork is an equippable weapon, later to be used as a tool (once it’s coded).


tar_robepreview(Preview of a very-much WIP Robe.)


Reworked some barrel textures. Specular map was not made yet in this screenshot.


The basic trap systems have been started! Certain containers can now be trapped. When opening a trapped container, the trap will be triggered with an audible click sound as warning. Currently, the only trap is the bomb trap, which throws a bomb out at you. There will be others in the future.



The arena matchmaking bulletin has been revamped, providing a bit more feedback for team setup. There’re now icons displayed for the amount of AI combatants (skulls) and players (crowns) on each team. The icons are placeholder at this point.


  • You can now proceed from the Player Setup Screen with gaps in between player slots (e.g. playing as player one & three).
  • Fixed ledge going through side of Blacksmith building.
  • In the Gamepad Change Popup HUD, the controller icons now line up with player IDs (e.g. if player 4 syncs with a controller, the last icon will light up).
  • Horses now have 2 seats! That’s convenient.

tar_horse_2seatspreview(The 1st mounter becomes the ‘driver.’)

  • Player setup screen now displays the name of the input device tied to your user, e.g. Playstation 3 Controller
  • Tree climbing improvements: trees no longer have to be rotated facing directly upward, they can be rotated and the character will match the angle. Climbable trees still must be pretty straight, though.
  • Fixed a sneaky bug that would cause level load to fail from the player setup scene. Adding a player, removing that player, then adding one back and beginning the play session, would produce this error.
  • Fixed bug in the new player setup scene where player’s selection cursors would not initially tint correctly and would appear for players that hadn’t joined/didn’t exist yet.
  • Female tunic & chainmail tunic both fit underneath armor pieces more properly now.
  • Changed the way character motors handle mounting, resulting in these fixes:
    • Potions & bombs will now hit a player on a mount (e.g.: chairs, beds, horses/etc).
    • You can now jump on another player’s head & mount them (climb on their shoulders) while they are mounted (in a chair/horse/etc).
    • Possibly fixed a bug that occurred while galloping on a horse, where the horse would push the rider.
  • Fixed certain sounds failing to play, after quitting a play session and starting another.
  • New male greeting clips (when starting a conversation).
  • Jon has tidied up some menu number displays, implementing a string lookup system for floats that clamps the decimals to two points (no more, “0.000001” of a pound).
  • Optimization: wooden chairs use box colliders instead of mesh.

Have a good week everyone!


Nice! The merchant chicken tho :')

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