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Progress: lunging attack (gif), haymaker (animation), environment improvements (grasses & ferns), & screenshots!

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Hello, there! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week-


LungingAttack 01

You can now perform a lunge attack by jumping and pressing the attack button. Where it excels in power, it lacks in accuracy and mobility. After performing the lunge, your movement will be restricted for a short duration, as you compose yourself.



Added more grasses and ferns throughout the landscape.


In addition to the new lunge attack animation here’s some other animation additions:

Haymaker 01

"What you swatting at?"

  • Added a haymaker, power attack, animation while unarmed.
  • Added a swim backwards animation, very much WIP.
  • Smoothed out heft fail animation exit transition.


  • Fixed bug where crossbows would fire in your offhand every time you attacked with your dominant hand.
  • Fixed animation bug when using a crossbow in your offhand. This would prevent normal attack animations from playing with dominant hand attacks.
  • Fixed arena match bug where players not participating in the match would get stuck incapacitated for the duration of the match and not revive afterwards.
  • Fixed unarmed attack damage not scaling with Strength.
  • Fixed bug where certain actions, such as landing from a high height, would not restrict movement.
  • Added new item: throwable stones!
  • You can now mount other characters and horses by landing on their heads.
  • Arena match bulletin board values now start at 5v5.
  • Worked on, and inserted, music for the Water Cave.
  • Added some new sounds for the Mortar & Pestle item.
  • Tweaked a bunch of UI for settings in the title screen and in-game.
  • Tweaked UVs for Oak and Maple trees.


TAR Screen Shot 2016 06 11 at 5 3

TAR Screen Shot 2016 06 11 at 5 4

TAR Screen Shot 2016 06 11 at 5 2

Have a good one!

ssd21345 - - 172 comments

But how can you force people to demount? Haha

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aniemibro Author
aniemibro - - 52 comments

By performing a roll, you'll throw them off your back. :)

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ChaiTae - - 1 comments

This is cool do you use rootmotion to move the characters?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
aniemibro Author
aniemibro - - 52 comments

Nope, actually we don't.

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