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Dropbox link for MM Survival mode. It's still early and really needs some balancing!

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Hey everyone,

We've had some more of them unforeseen issues cropping up left right and center recently which has been pushing things back, but finally Survival Mode is in a form that you can test out.

Web browser version only right now, will be updating it later on!

Remember this is still early and has only been in existence since mid January! It needs a lot of work yet but you can get an idea of how the game will play later on.

I'm not going to lie, it ain't that ready, but we really need feedback and I've been telling you all you'll get a chance to play soon, so here it is!

HUD faces

The file will take ages to load!

The game will not end when you die, sorry you'll need to wait for the IA to kill themselves =/

Single player only right now, networking coming soon.

The AI can cheat (though not too often) and wait out their health meters.

The Orbs only spawn in a grid right now and the spawn rate arc is waaay too steep right now.

We're going to remove the players ability to stop moving forward as it removes some of the challenge, instead only allowing the player to turn left and right as well as a sprint ability with a short cool-down timer.


Be the last robot left standing.

Game Rules

You have three health meters, all of which are constantly decreasing.

If ANY meter reaches ZERO you are out!

Each health meter has a corresponding coloured Orb.

Pick-up the correct Orb to increase that health meter by a preset amount.

However, pick up too many and put your health meter over the top you're also out!

From left to right: Death from exhausted health meters, Best health state!, Too much!

That's it for rules, good luck!


Up Arrow/W - Forward
Left Arrow/A - Left
Right Arrow/D - Right
Down Arrow/S - Down


We could really use an additional programmer! If anyone interested in helping us out then please get in touch!!

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And what with the green guy? Nice release btw :D

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