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Some person who has continuosly chased a dream and fallen at every hideous hurdle.

I've come from a background of game modding, helping out several projects on ModDB before deciding to try the Indie Route. I still like to get involved with mods when I have the time!

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Here I go again.

stray-shadow Blog

It's been some time since my first true attempt at an Independent Game came to a sad and drawn out end. I've since gone away, got my Masters (passed with a First!! (YALDI!)) and managed to get a job in the games industry at a nice Indie Studio in Scotland.

When I moved to Scotland I didn't have a career plan in mind. I knew that more than anything I wanted to make games again and the Masters would be the kick up the arse I needed to get back into games after Mech Mania's demise.

The Masters was actually pretty trash but it got me my first full-time in-house job!

I worked away tirelessly for 2 years, living like a hermit and putting as much into my savings as I could manage.

Then I quite my job.

There are many reasons why I left, one of the biggest being the Working Holiday Visa cut-off age for Japan. I like to travel, I also hate rushing and like to take my time and move at my pace. I figured 3 months for a Tourist Visa wouldn't be enough to really know a country (A year isn't enough either!!) but I knew I would regret it forever if I didn't go while I could.

Booked flight, found work and went.

I lasted one month before the urge to create a game came back.

So what now?

Now I have started it all again, but this time in Japan. I'm travelling this amazing country, seeing the sights and meeting the people while making my dream video game.

Reality Check

Reality Check

stray-shadow Blog
 A day at Google

A day at Google

stray-shadow Blog
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