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A new updates with many improvements and finally more fun with bots!

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New Update of The Starving Tournament Open Alpha - 0.76.


Improved Weapon System (See last article) and added Stones and Sticks as Weapons. So you don't have to collect weapons from the start, you can also hit the forest and hope to find some "weapons" in nature.

Improved Bot AI, they now can fight with melee weapons (maybe a little too dangerous with spears, watch out) and also have stats like thirst, hunger and energy and try to fill them when necessary. And we improved the Round System, you can now even play round based games with bots. So now you can play real "Hunger Games" with bots - will you try to kill the others at the big showdown near the cornucopia? Or will you run away and hide and survive as long as possible?

image004 1

Made the terrain look a little nicer. The heights of the hills were a little unrealistic and too high, now they are flattened and the terrain looks much more natural. Also planted many trees to improve the forest.

image002 1

Improved Post Processing image effects for better looking and almost AAA feel ;) Now the auto exposure effect is working really nice. When you come from a dark place and look into the sun you will be dazzled. We also added a new feature where every night the images of the fallen players (or bots) will be displayed with some nice music. Here you can also see the blinding effect very well.

image010 1

We also added some new animals that are not so friendly then the deer and rabbits.

image009 1

Have fun playing with bots our your friends and help us to improve the alpha version to make the beta and later as good as it can be.

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