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Captain, we have encountered a long list of tweaks, changes, and improvements. Systems tell us it's a great time to check out the update and try to survive another mission in this great Rogue like with card battle mechanics in space!

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Version 1.8.0 is NOW available on iOS, Android and PC. Grab it here:

We're now reaching version 1.8.0 and the list of new goodies being added almost weekly has only made the game bigger and better!

Let's look at the biggest new features, first up are Trinkets!

every challenge will unlock a new type of trinket, and once they are unlocked they will start appearing in your game. You can only carry one trinket at a time, and they will have some cool effects. Currently there are 8 trinkets in the game:

  • Flashlight – more visibility in dark-areas
  • Spider – spiderwebs won’t slow you down
  • Metal-plate – randomly defends against hits
  • Controller – Disables nearby level hazards (flamers, rockets, fires)
  • Paperclip – Don’t need keycards to open doors
  • Poker chip – +1 on deck when inventory is full during pickup
  • Lucky card – your deck gets refilled when empty
  • Bandaid – using level transport completely refills your HP

That should give you some good incentive to complete those challenges!

The game has also gotten a bunch of new level-layouts, making your games more "random" and different, and those level layouts come with "mechanical walls". These are walls that slide up and down either automatically, or when you get near them. This makes for some interesting level designs and requires a bit more exploration to discover some hidden hallways.

I also had this silly idea for a Tornado entity. You can’t fight with it, or interact with it.. you can only try to avoid it .. OR NOT! Because bumping into it isn’t pure good or bad.

When you hit the tornado it will reshuffle your full deck (always) and there’s a fairly big chance that it will fling you around the map a bit; placing you on a nearby tile. Both the reshuffle and the flinging might actually turn out pretty well if you are in a crowded area!

There is now also a Tornado-Event added to the event-pool , in which case those tornado’s will be all over and in much bigger numbers than in a normal round.

And finally we have Character customization ! a much requested feature.

I might expand on this in future updates, but such an update will require a lot more work because any extra properties are required to drill down to every system that makes up the game ! So adding properties is easy, but having them connect with all the other game stuff takes some thought.

For now, I think this is a pretty cool step towards modifying the challenge of a single run!

On top of all that here's a full changes list since the last update:

  • added: collection of new level-layouts for your adventures!
  • added: Trinket rewards to challenges
  • added: option to Mute captains voice (see sound in setup menu)
  • added: Patron-names to the credits screen
  • added: More information through Captain logs at start of new areas
  • added: update info dialog at start
  • added: mechanical-walls
  • added: variation of new level design-blocks
  • added: Tornado entities – they shuffle your deck, and teleport you to last safe spot
  • added: Tornado season event (many tornado’s)
  • added: new hints (on character select screen)
  • added: Character customization
  • added: mechanical walls are now visible on the radar
  • added: double check for levels creating an exit
  • added: transparency to walls blocking your view

  • fixed: Tornado’s now vanish after tossing player 3 times
  • fixed: progress-menu items design
  • fixed: alien-codex information showed wrong names/data
  • fixed: rare game crash when using idle card on small deck
  • fixed: Cap-log triggers less often (to not annoy players who don’t get far in the game yet)
  • fixed: bug in level generator causing player to end up in “the void” without a level
  • fixed: Flamer entity image in Codex
  • fixed: better balancing on the strength of The Blob (end boss)
  • fixed: possible cause for rare crashing when using Vial card
  • fixed: Bio-dome showing up multiple times in a game
  • fixed: improved settings menu items
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