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Space Colonist is a project I started year ago. When I was working on this game I have been taking inspiration from games like Rimworld or Timber and Stone, I wanted to play game like Rimworld but in 3D world and there is it! Space Colonist.

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Space Colonist Update v0.025a -

Colonist and Survivality system

Hi everyone Today i make another update it took me a 6 month but I worked hard to make game more playable.
I added to game new model like deploy colonist capsule, new system storage with model, technical aspect this update is:

  • fixed Woodcutter whose walking on tree,
  • fixed Miner whose dancing like crazy on edge terrain,
  • Optimized Storage and fixed some bugs with them,
  • Optimized Colonist system,
  • fixed bugs with Hud,
  • fixed bugs with job manager.


Here is gameplay from game to look at up close how looks game for now maybe soon I release alpha to buy for 8-10$ to play and testing.

New system Storage with model i removed area to stocking, because if you place many areas your fps goes down.


Concept-art of my graphic designer - rocket for colonist.


..and i made voxel model.


fixed foodmachine where colonist can go and eat food.
Screenshot 2016 11 04 14 38 53

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