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Continued to work with contractors regarding Soul Saga art. There has been progress on the facial rigs and some concept art.

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Soul Saga Gargoyle Cast Fireball 1


I took most of the day off, but spent some time with the contractors working on various art in Soul Saga. I'm trying to avoid adding new content until I have the finished animations in hand. The way I try to deal with Soul Saga is take it in modular chunks, and polish those chunks as I go along, rather than just laying down the base for a gigantic game. I think this makes being a lone developer much more manageable, and it will allow you to have a better experience when you get your hands on the beta!


I will be taking a pretty hands off approach for the next 2 or 3 days. Hopefully by this time the rigger and animator will be finished with their tasks so I can continue polishing up the existing content before moving on to the next area of development.

Day 61
( 2013/03/30 Th )
5 hrs. Today ( 588 Total)

  • Game Design

    • Worked on some story elements.
  • Project Management
    • Worked alongside rigger (Guillermo).
    • Worked with artist (Huan) regarding monster concept art.
    • Received and paid artist (Huan) for completed concept art.
    • Reviewed several drafts by composers.
  • Public Relations
    • Replied to posts on Facebook.
    • Received feedback from close friends regarding unreleased Soul Saga artwork.
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