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This week's dev review is all about UI; notifications, secondary menus, recipe creation UI, and equipment selection... all at your fingertips!

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This week was aaaaaall about UI. In between work we would listen to some of the music Clint, our Composer, has been working on (you can find a WIP in the video we posted on our last post), but other than that it was all about the clicks, the menus, the art, and the flair!

Moving on to this week's highlights ;)

-- Notifications and Secondary Menus in UI

Our great UI wizz, Umborobot, is right now finishing up some tests on a notifications method (lower left) and secondary menus for the main screen. Pretty straightforward so far, but we already see our vision shape up to what can make for an aesthetically pleasing and fitting menu and overall UI, especially in an area as important as the main screen!

-- More work on the Recipe Creation UI

Continuing last week's work on the UI in the recipe creation, we have a few new mockups created, the most attention-grabbing of them being a new rework on the side pannel's information and looks. Although still a mockup, remember that what you're looking at (that isn't Emiliano's handwriting) has a lot of work behind it that goes unnoticed: researching font styles and sizes, colors, background detail, labels, and information, etc.

-- On selecting equipment

Never mind the Lore Ipsums, we are - and by we, we mean Yannis - already preparing some small descriptions. You can expect some small twist here and there, some flair, and as much information as we can fit, because we still want to keep them short and sweet, to make them easy to read and of course understood.

... and check out those heart-melting tiny room previews! :D

-- Pitching yeast: where temperature is king

And we mean wort temperature. When yeast is added to the wort, it consumes the sugars present in the liquid and converts them into alcohol and carbon dioxide. However, as we've mentioned time and again, yeast is a living organism, so it has an optimal temperature range in which it can thrive. If the wort temperature is too high or too low, it can have a significant impact on the yeast's ability to ferment the beer properly.

Ideally, the wort temperature should be between 15 and 22 degrees Celcius when pitching yeast. This temperature range is known as the "Goldilocks zone" for yeast, as it provides the ideal conditions for yeast to grow and ferment the goodies you have been preparing in your brew. If the wort temperature is too low, the yeast may become dormant and fail to ferment the beer fully, resulting in a sweeter, less alcoholic beer. On the other hand, if the wort temperature is too high, it can stress the yeast and cause it to produce off-flavors, such as esters or fusel alcohols.

Additionally, it's crucial to pitch the right amount of yeast and provide it with enough oxygen to get off to a strong start, which can also help ensure a healthy fermentation.

But, when it comes to pampering your yeast, your job does not end there. What is also very important, is to regulate the temperature of the wort post-pitch, to avoid any fluctuations that could disturb the yeast and thus the fermentation process. So, grab your trusty thermometer and monitor the temperature closely. If funds and personal time allows, you can also use various techniques, such as a cold-water bath or a temperature-controlled fermentation chamber.

May your yeast is bubbly and your wort sweet ;)

Make sure you join us next week for more of Ale Abbey's news! For now, enjoy your weekend responsibly ;)

-- Hammer & Ravens

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