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This week, two new designs (a room and a character), our brief visit to Cologne and gamescom, and our small research on kölsch!

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What a wild week to come to an end..! Two team members wandered around gamescom, floor after floor, section after section, meeting fellow devs, sharing information about Ale Abbey and discussing with other devs about their own cool projects.

The team also worked hard on designing some cool new content (one room & one supportive character) and also did some under-the-hood work on room grid/tilling to make sure the backend grid and scene grid fit perfectly. The latter is an extremely technical subject that we could definitely not develop in this Something's Brewing, so give us some time and it may appear in a follow-up post ;)

Despite of how busy the week was, we still managed to perform our own field research on Cologne's finest, the kölsch, and we do have some findings to report!

Have at it!

-- New room, the Refectory

Are you ready for some more WIP? How about a little something that Emiliano and Francesco were ruminating on for some time now and finally gave form to? The Refectory, the room where your Monks and Nuns take their meal breaks. Below you can find how the concept idea changed from the beginning of the week to today. Why not follow our socials to stay up to date with how work on the Refectory progresses?

-- A new character appears, the Carpenter

Just before your Monks and Nuns develop the skills necessary to build and expand the Abbey's rooms, the Abbot will need to employ a professional for the job! This week our pixel artists, Raimo and Francesco, worked on finding the perfect model for the Carpenter and also managed to prep up some animations.

Some ways to go still, but the Carpenter is at the Monastery's service!

-- Reporting from gamescom!

Emiliano and Yannis happened to be in Cologne to visit gamescom this year, both in a quest for better beer and to mingle with other developers and publishers while discussing Ale Abbey's development! Although very busy, these last couple of days have been very rewarding!

A shoutout to some projects and teams that truly amazed us:

Dune: Spice Wars (duh!?)
Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold

Keep up the great work, everyone!

-- Our pick for best kölsch of '22?

After a night of testing in Cologne, around both touristic and somewhat more local spots in the city, the intrepid duo, Yannis and Emiliano, decided that the kölsch that gets the Ale Abbey award for this year is Sünner Kölsch! Light as a kölsch should be, fruity, and with its subtle amount of bitterness, it came as a wonderful surprise and a great close to a busy day in gamescom!

Hopefully, we'll get to re-test the local brews again next year ;)

Thank you for your time and see you all next Friday!

-- Hammer & Ravens

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