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Post news RSS Something's Brewing in the Abbey #23

Another quick update where the Hammer & Ravens team reviews what transpired the last couple of weeks while developing our upcoming Monastery Brewery tycoon, Ale Abbey!

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After last week's Something's Brewing, the second post dedicated to a team member, back on track with a quick review of Ale Abbey's development!

This week, get an inside scoop on: the recent development of the Monastery's perspective (rooms and building), the Merchant and his merchandise are coming to life, gamescom imminent, and what makes a brew local ;)

Without further ado..

-- Yet more development on the perspective front

Great progress with all hands on deck with this one; all ideas and iterations going from brainstorm to testing and feedback from our two artists, Raimo and Francesco. We slowly start to see the light at the end of the tunnel and a final version of a perspective that fits Ale Abbey's gameplay without breaking immersion is close!

Don't fret, a more detailed post about all the work on perspective is on its way ;)

-- Designing the Merchant and his Stand

Even though the first Merchant design was already ways ahead a couple of weeks ago, we worked a lot more on the animations, fitting him with not only a retro, very familiar vibe (Stan S. Stanman being a very big influence), but once again making sure the design works well with the rest of the jolly characters in the Monastery!

In addition to that, we're happy to say that our artist, Raimo, finished designing the Merchant's stand in almost record time!

-- Hammer & Ravens in gamescom 2022?

A quick happy announcement to anyone and everyone who will be visiting gamescom this coming week, both Yannis and Emiliano will also be making an appearance! Although present in different capacities, we always carry the Hammer & Ravens banner with us and will be there to investigate the local brew, meet other developers to share and connect, and of course talk your ears off about Ale Abbey - if you let us!

If you do find yourself in Cologne, sometime between the 24th and 28th of August, dm either Yannis or Emiliano and lets set up a meetup!

-- What makes a brew local?

Any of the 4 ingredients found in any brew can be extremely localized either by local produce or minute brewing techniques! Apart from the actual brewing, the way a beer is served and/or enjoyed can also build on its local character.

A beer made using water from a local water, hops grown by farmers in the vicinity, extremely old strains of yeast kept alive over the years by the brewers themselves (or very specific wild strains found only in specific regions/areas), barley endemic in certain locations or processed in various ways, adjuncts that carry a local flavor profile (sea salt, chilli flakes, etc.)... The possibilities are practically endless!

Or it could be like kölsch, the traditional beer of Cologne, Germany. Brewed under oath with specific instructions "that you prepare your beer, as of old, from good malt, good cereals, and good hops, well-boiled, and that you pitch it with top-yeast, and by no means with bottom yeast" and has a protected geographical indication! But we'll provide more information about what makes that one special after our little visit in Cologne next week :p

Thank you for your time and see you all next Friday!

-- Hammer & Ravens

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