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We've been working some ideas for our characters for some time. One of those characters is a magical fish companion and we are eager to show you what we're planning. Have a look at what some concepts we made!

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Hey Everybody,

Dream Whale Games here with a quick update on Sea of Memories.

If you haven't read our previous article (which you totally should), Sea of Memories is an under development, 1st/3rd person puzzle game, where you will explore an underwater mansion, while controlling 2 characters.

One of those character will be your fish companion (he doesn't really have a name yet, we're open for suggestions ;) ). This lil' guy will be a magical flying fish, that will help our heroine beat all the puzzles and challenges of the mansion.

We've spent the last weeks discussing and creating our fish and we are eager to give you some inside on our developments.


This was one of our first concept boards. We had already decided that we wanted to create a creature that was simple in design and that was grounded on reality while still carrying a magical feel to it.



After defining a rough idea of the fishes design, we started working on the diverse components of its body.



Finally we started trying different patterns for the fishes body.

We are still finishing this character but we expect to have it done very soon!

Stay tuned for our next posts!!

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