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Post news RSS Soccer battle bots are busting out!

The four character classes and behavior tree controls are now prototype-ready! Watch them fight in the field of soccer!

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The video shows a 4 vs 4 bot battle. Each character uses the same behavior tree that emphasizes the following in order:

  1. Ensure someone is in the same area as the ball
  2. Fight enemies
  3. Stay in your assigned area until the action comes to it

There is a great deal of room for tweaking, but what's here now is adequate for the prototype (except for a few additional tweaks made during initial testing).

Field of Heroes will have four character classes for the initial prototype release:

  • Knight - Heavy defense, physical strength
  • Wizard - Ranged magic attacks, magical defense
  • Archer - Speed and crossbow turret throwdown ability
  • Alchemist - Stun attacks and blocking wall conjurings

Each class is designed to counter one class and to not be terribly weak in the face of the other two. Players will be able to change which class they play with each respawn.

Here they are in order:


I did not make them; in fact you can find them in a character pack in the Unity Asset store at Assetstore.unity3d.com :)

What's next?

Working on the main menu interface and proper hosting and joining of games. I threw this together in under three hours and I moved on to adding support for changing audio, video settings and other things. Figured I'd get that out of the way first.


After that is all done I can work on the game UI and round ceremonies (winning, losing, game over, game clock, etc.)

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