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Post news RSS Shades of Insanity Devlog #10 - Enhancing experience with post-processing

How we utilized post-processing effects to achieve the feeling we imagined during the character's hallucinations.

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Hello everyone! Welcome to today's devlog of our game! We'll be going over how we improved the visual effects on our forest scene to give the feeling that the character is going through a hallucination.

We thought that changing the color scheme from the interior scenes to the outside ones, having darker colors and a cold ambiance inside the hospital and very vibrant and vivid colors in the forest would be enough no transmit the idea that something was going on inside the head of our character.

Here you can see how the forest scene was:

forest screenshot1

But after receiving some feedback we concluded that just drastically changing the colors wasn't enough and could break the flow of the game due to the scenes being so different from each other.

So we started playing with the post-processing effects available with Unity's Universal Render Pipeline (URP). After some time and a few iterations, we came up with this:

forest screenshot3

We also play around with the values of the Chromatic Aberration and Camera Distortion in real-time, to give a "dreamy" feeling to the experience. You can see it here:


With these changes, we think the scene has improved a lot and the gameplay experience is much closer to what we initially wanted.

But there still is room for improvement. After showing the reworked scene to some people, one of the things most of them said was that the scene overall is too blue. With this in mind, we will keep on working on the visual effects until we reach the desired feeling for the scene.

That's all for this today's devlog. Thank you all for keeping up with our game! Keep an eye out for further updates!

Until next time,


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