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The latest development update for Red Alert 2: Apocalypse Rising has been released! Come and check out the new Mirage and Tesla Tanks as well as a new map design!

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Hello and welcome everyone to the latest Apocalypse Rising update!

New Map: RA2 Frostbite Isle

To begin this update, welcome our newest team member, TotallySnappy! Showing great promise and quite keen to get stuck in, Snappy has provided the game a new map which we hope to include in-game fairly soon!

As you can see, it is based off the classic tight-map design of C&C Renegade, with one or two added paths to prevent the game from becoming a bit of a meat-grinder. Think C&C_Under, but better!

Feel free to let us know what you think of this, and again welcome TotallySnappy!

Mirage Tank

The Mirage Tank is a high tier Allied vehicle that disguises itself into a tree when it's not moving or shooting. Armed with a Heatwave cannon, it does incredible damage against infantry and vehicles. The Mirage Tank is not made for base assault and is therefore ineffective at attacking structures. Ambushing unsuspecting Soviet attack groups is where the Mirage Tank truly shines.

Is that convoy of Apocalypse Tanks protecting some V3's? No problem, just uncloak once they drive by and thwart their assault in one decisive move!

Used carefully, this unit can provide a devastating sneak attack!

This great model and texture done by none other than Romanov! Look out for it in-game soon!

Tesla Tank

Available to Russia only (and sometimes found in crates on the battlefield), the Soviet Tesla Tank is the pinnacle of portable Tesla technology. The Soviet Tesla Tank is a large ground vehicle that fires a Tesla charge instead of a ballistic weapon. This charge is effective against both units and structures.

Capacitor at full charge!

This great model and texture again by Romanov! Top notch work as usual!

One of the unique things about the Tesla Tank in Red Alert 2 was that it could fire over walls. However, due to the way that FPS games work, we're not going to be incorporating some sort of special firing mode that allows you to shoot over walls ala Red Alert 2. If you want to shoot over walls in your Tesla Tank, feel free to move to higher ground or shoot at the top of buildings that you can see.


The door is always open for new team members. Each new member speeds up Apocalypse Rising's release! If you would like to lend a hand and help out, let us know!

We seek the following:

  • 2 Artists for modelling and texturing civilian buildings and props.
  • 1 Artist for making nature assets (trees, bushes, etc.)
  • 1 Character Artist
  • 1 Texture/Photoshop user (optionally unwrapper) to help in texturing building interior objects

Should you wish to contribute, don't hesitate to apply! Whether you have the skills or not, it's in the willingness to learn and apply your knowledge!

If you would like to help out in areas not listed, applications for those positions are just as welcome.

To apply, feel free to send a message to any member of the W3D Hub team here or visit our forums and send a Private Message to either One Winged Angel or moonsense715. Or even post below if you're interested and we can have a chat.


Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you next time as we reveal more developments and other cool stuff the team has been working on!


How can you improve C&C under? Also, will the maps have lots of forests? There is nowhere to disguise a mirage tank in the middle of a field, perhaps you could have it disguising as different things on different maps.

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Unless you make forests out of Mirage tanks.

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I always thought the Tesla tank's coils were set further back.

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