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As we move into the next week of development we have made progress on core mechanics and concept art.

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Hello everyone! This week we've made considerable progress in, debatably, the most important mechanic in this game!

This week we've managed to enable the player to take full control of a turret. By stepping close to a turret and pressing the right button, the game will shift into a first person perspective. Once you're in the turret, you can look around and shoot freely. Not only that but we also turned the turret from a projectile shooter to a hit scanner, simplifying the aiming and hitting process. Beyond that we also worked on a lot more, much smaller things, little bits of progress here and there that will eventually pay off.

Programming aside, our artist has provided us with some color studies for the main character and a concept of the first level. If it looks too simple, fret not, after all we need a simpler map to get the players used to the mechanics before we start throwing more complex setups at you all, right?

That's about the summary of what we've been up to. See you all next update, and I hope you look forward to it!

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