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In this new entry we are going to talk about two fundamental elements in Stellar Sphere. In our quest to provide players with options to customize their gameplay, these elements will have a dramatic effect on getting the highest and best scores. The first is the ship's pointer. The second is the negative sphere. Let's take a look at it.

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Ship pointer: knowing where to go anytime, anywhere.

The first element is the pointer. The pointer in Stellar Sphere is a small metal arrow that is by default located at the top of the ship. The pointer has two modes of operation:

Mode 1: Sphere tracking mode.

When the game starts, the pointer points out where the sphere is, so that it can be captured and thrown into the wormhole, thus scoring.

When the sphere has been captured, the pointer automatically points to the wormhole that is currently active. Just follow the pointer, and you'll find the wormhole immediately.

The pointer,when active, allows a model of fast game, where what is looked for is to obtain the greater amount of points of a direct form. The sphere is searched, captured, and thrown. All at full speed.

Finding the Stellar Sphere

Deactivating the ship pointer.

What happens when we deactivate the pointer? The game becomes rather more chaotic. The reason is very simple. When we capture the sphere and throw it, it will appear somewhere in the stage, but always in a different, random position. Considering the chaos of combat, which can randomly activate thermal and night vision modes, and other factors like meteor showers, capture of the sphere by enemy ships, and other elements, finding the sphere can sometimes become a very hard task. Also remember that the antigravity spheres can move the sphere, so finding the stellar sphere will be more complicated. We talked about all this in the last article.

Things are getting hard now: when you capture the sphere, then you have to find the active wormhole. These wormholes are normally stationary, but attention, in some scenarios and from certain levels they move, so the confusion will be even greater.

So, as explained here, the ship pointer has a fundamental role, and it will change the experience of the game a lot.

Lighting gun

Negative sphere.

Not to be confused with antigravity spheres. Negative sphere concept implies that, if activated (1, 2, or 3 minutes) the obtained score will go down in one. Let's suppose we've got 3 scores. If 1, 2, or 3 minutes go by without scoring, we will lose a score. And, if the value is zero, we may even have negative values.

What happens if we combine both, no vector, and negative sphere? Well, you can be sure of one thing: total chaos. You'll need to score at full speed, but you'll also lose score if you don't find the sphere and then the active wormhole.

Ship pointer deactivated

Challenges for all tastes and levels.

We have recorded a detailed video that you can see below, with all this information that we hope can be of interest for you. No combat here; it will come with the next article.

As you can see, Stellar Sphere can be configured in different ways and will allow very different game models. Each one will activate or not the options that it believes opportune. Our mission is that all players find the challenge they want to overcome. That's always our goal: you set the goals. Thank you very much.

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