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We're reworking the code to add more types of achievments to the game!

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Ploxmons DevLog #15

- Reworking the code for more achievments

Hello everyone!Since there is not much to show to you this week I want to give a little update on what's going on behind the scenes.

Most of the last week was spent with coming up with new achievements and doing the server-side changes to support them. Here are just a few examples and the current iteration of the Achievments UI:


In total we have now around 100 very different achievements with cool rewards (currently ~24 different titles, ~5 different cardbacks - more to come). We plan to add a few more achievements especially battle-related ones which are currently completely absent. For example achievmens like "Deal x damage in one hit / one turn". "Block x dmg with armor abilities in total" and so on.

Currently this type of achievements are not possible to track. The reason for this is the structure of the server-client communication while in battle. Unfortunately back then 1,5 years ago I decided for a structure that was most easy to implement in a trade of for flexibility - which I am now missing to implement the desired achievements.

Over the weekend I took around 3 days to rethink the whole situation and If I can tolerate the system as it is anymore.The decision was really difficult, a lot of things on the contra side - however even more things on the pro one. So I decided to "take one for the team" and start rebuilding the whole battle mechanism. This will take a lot of time however after this task is finished the ingame behaviour will be a lot more safe, faul tolerant and stable. In addition I can finally add all the achievements I want. More over that since we plan to add some spectating mechanism later it will be a lot more easy for me to add this one with the new client-server structure.

So actually there are a ton of pro arguments for the change vs the only negative one that it will be a huge and exhausting task for me. So worth it I guess.Currently I can't really tell how long this change will take but I estimate it around 2 weeks.

Maybe I will even just add the spectate mode while reworking the system as a little bonus. Lets see :) Overall things are looking really good and things are coming together!

Added damage numbers for battles

Haven't really highlighted this before but a while ago we implemented damage numbers in our process of making the battles more clear easy to follow. Greater amounts of damage display bigger damage numbers than smaller amounts.This super buffed Abominus here was a nice opportunity to show this off ;)

This is it from my side. Stay safe and see you in the chat. :)

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