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Post news RSS Orbis Multiplex devlog #2 : Temperatures and sediment

Realistic temperatures and good sediment distribution are important features now added to the game.

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In this update a new planet generation mode has been added, this can be accessed through the main menu. The new option "GENERATE PLANET !EXPERIMENTAL!" generates a world with the latest features im working on. These features are not neccessarily stable and might be buggy. This enables the user to get some ideas what im working on and what will be added next to the stable planet generation.

Realistic temperatures

In the stable planet generation temperature and precipitation layers has been added to the simulation. The temperature decreases with latitude and elevation. Realistic temperatures will be vital when the ecology simulations are to be done. In terms of evaporation it will also be important when the more realistic rain patterns will be implemented. Trees like spruce and fir can survive in colder climates, whilst broadleaf trees like oak and elm require higher temperatures. Sediment transportation is also done, thou deposition of sediment is only done in the experimental version

Sediment deposition

What makes the experimental version unstable at the moment is the interaction between sediment and water levels. This will be fixed until the 0.0.6 version. Multithreading might also be introduced for some of the simulation steps in 0.0.6, thus reducing computation times significantly. The initial results from the sediment deposition looks interesting thou. In the image about it can be seen that the sediment depth is high just below the mountain, which makes sense.

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