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Hey guys, I got good news and bad news. Website is down, but the download links are saved which means you can still play the beta.

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Hey guys, I got good news and bad news.

Bad News

According to my website server manager, or some odd reason, 000webhost has recently limited the amount of bandwidth and memory allowed for websites and because WordPress uses too much of that memory allocation, the website is having trouble loading at all and it seems our official website is not the only one either. All of the websites that website manager had created for his customers have suffered the same fate as well. I have also witness other websites using 000webhost suffering a similar fate. I might have to use a different website host and recreate the website from scratch. I had a sixth sense something like this could eventually happen. I did not completely trusted the web host myself however it was the cheapest and seemingly reliable offer I could afford at the time. Hence with such suspicions this is where the good news comes in.

Good News

The website manager has managed to recover the download links to the Beta release, so at least all hope is not lost, and I have personally saved the AusGamers PC and Mac links (via my email). I have posted these links in the Official Army Men Forums which you can find here. You MIGHT have to register on the forums to see the thread. I have also made the forums seperate from the website (via forumotion) because of the web host's recent instabilities.

There is also another thing I would like to say to all of my fans and anyone else trying this game or have any ideas, concerns, etc about the game and would like to ask or share them.

If you have any of the following:

  • Suggestions & Ideas
  • Bugs & Issues

Please post them on the forums.

From now on, we will NOT directly answer any of such questions through here, PMs, or any social network sites. The first thing you will most likely receive is a link to the appropriate sections of the forums. I really hate to be blunt, however there are so few members and posts on the forums , yet I have received so many of these particular questions that would be better off posted on the forums (which is VERY quick and easy to sign-up). The forums exists for a very good reason.

Again, my apologies for the unexpected inconvenience with our official website, this disaster really caught us by surprise. I hope this did not upset you guys too much.


Download Link - Armymen3.forumotion.com
Forums - Armymen3.forumotion.com

Franklin Iheanacho
- Founder/Lead Dev of Neotl Empire

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