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Njinga: The Diplomat Warrior DevLog #8! This week we're going to show our UI and how it's coming up!

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Hello World!

Sorry for the little delay, we've been busy with our game as you can imagine :P but either way we're here today to show you our User Interface and how some mechanics are going to work.


Press Start

We tried to implement little african culture details in our UI elements and we also searched for various sources of inspiration such as Moonlighter and Carcassonne. We also tried to play with Njinga's colors like Yellows and Oranges, because the game is about her, right?


We also played a lot with patterns and researched so much about them. We have a big board on Pinterest, if you're interested please send a message!

Njinga UI menu 1

Njinga UI Check Info

Njinga UI Pause Controls


Njinga UI choices

So basically, apart from moving around and searching for key items, Njinga was and is Diplomat Warrior on our game, so the fighting mechanics we're trying to implement are a bit like Ace Attorney style. She needs to convince people and be diplomatic with the npc's and advance the game with a lot of diplomatic talk. But we're also trying to do it in a not so boring way, it's a big challenge for our game designers and ui artists.

Njinga UI Dialogue

Njinga UI Fight with words

Next week we will bring some news about the upcoming trailer!

Thanks for reading,
See you next week!

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