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Hi guys, Always work, always work :) Time to share the second dev diary and news: WEAPONS READY: - Assault rifle HK416 - Assault rifle SCAR - Shotgun Benelli Supernova - Sniper Rifle S96 - Rocket launcher RPG - Handgun Desert Eagle - Handgun Glock 18 ATTACHMENTS: - Realistic Magnifier - Holosight - M233 Scope - Suppressor AI: - Enemies use cover - Better realistic detection Tasks: - New randoms tasks

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Is this U4 picture in picture feature used on scope on last picture ?

That is something not be seeing in games for long time. Some early games were used magnification with just duplicating pixels on "distant" game objects that were working only on small zooms and on lower distgances.

More modern games were start using "moving camera" forward tricks, for magnification, to give high detailed models and illusion of magnification. Side-effect from this is that nearby visuals were magnified too. That is reason why a lot of games black out visual area out of scope glass.

Am I right on this ? As soon as I saw PiP feature on U4 demo videos, I got idea that it will be great to use it for scopes. I didn't see any new U4 shooter game using it, though.

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