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BLACK DAY is a singleplayer shooter game based on infiltration.

BLACK DAY allow you to personalize the game experience by setting different variables such as equipment, number and types of enemies… therefore you can design a funny and easy game or set up a hardcore infiltration mission where even farting may result in your death…

***First person or third person view***
***Three games mode: SPEC OPS / FACTIONS WAR / APOCALYPSE***
***19 uniques and open maps*** Travel toward exotic landscape, assault a medieval castle, infiltrate a residential area or a secret base... Every environment is specific but let you decide the way you want to proceed.
***Unlimited game experience*** Between mission design option and open map, you can play over with unique experience every time.
***Guns and equipment*** With over 25 guns (assault, sniper rifles, handguns...) and a wide range of explosives (EMP, frag, flashbang…), you can adapt your equipment to your gameplay style.
***Characters customization*** Customize clothes of your character and teammates
***Game difficulty customization*** Over 20 customized options allow you to design the difficulty you want (detection, enemy forces, equipment...)
***Immersive infiltration*** Recon drone, drive vehicles, take cover, climbing wall, swimming under water, hiding corpse, sneak attack and other actions provide an immersive experience.
***Teammates*** Don't combat alone and command your squad.
***Various type of enemy*** Fight from the simple private to the most advanced spec ops soldier in different factions. Wide range of enemies asset and security system will make it challenging (armored vehicles, helicopters, turrets...)
***Progression system*** Every objectives provide experience to unlock new guns and equipment.

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Dear Gamers,

Beta 2 is now online!

New translation: Simplified Chinese

I would like to thank "Fung Chieng Jie" who helped with the translations !

6 new outfits

Head,pants,vests,jackets... everything necessary to even more customize your characters with interventions.

- Restore: Roll movement
- Add: Simplified Chinese translation
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Intervention 1 + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Intervention 2 + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category HEAD) - Intervention 3 + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category SHIRT) - Intervention Jacket + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category SUITS/PANTS) - Intervention Pants + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Clothing (Category POCKETS) - Intervention Pockets + 7 CAMOS
- Add: Ladder in tutorial level
- Add: Photo mode in tutorial level
- Add: Meteorites SFX
- Improve: Redwood forest lighting rendering
- Improve: Redwood forest (Winter version) lighting rendering
- Improve: Old ruins lighting rendering
- Improve: Max quality shadows rendering (Lost Island)
- Improve: Max distance shadows rendering (Lost Island)
- Improve: Max distance shadows rendering (Conira Castle)
- Improve: Max distance shadows rendering (Avieno land)
- Improve: Photo mode get automatically Post-Process rendering
- Improve: Shift key icon
- Improve: Alt key icon
- Improve: Ctrl key icon
- Improve: Lean movement
- Improve: Behavior of AI reinforcements search
- Improve: AI combat behavior
- Improve: Recoil intensity
- Improve: Reload stand/crouch animations
- Improve: Reload prone animations
- Improve: Launch drone prone animation
- Improve: View squad feature
- Improve: AI pathfinding avoidance
- Improve: AI teammates launch only smoke grenade if team member is wounded
- Improve: AI teammates treat directly player and doesn't try to drag body
- Improve: "Open parachute" change color instead of player's altitude
- Improve: Use "Interaction" instead of "Action" for execute a takedown
- Improve: Switch item automatically if current item =0
- Improve: Flashlight rendering
- Improve: Hide body SFX
- Improve: HALO UI
- Improve: HALO air control
- Improve: Search medics function
- Tweak: Neutralize enemy only with knife
- Tweak: Settings menu
- Fix: Undesirable SteamVR launch with game
- Fix: AI helicopters detection daytime
- Fix: Flashlight attachment camo error
- Fix: Laser camo attachment error
- Fix: Spawn task error
- Fix: Extraction point task error
- Fix: Knife damages
- Fix: Settings UI
- Fix: Undesirable teleportation based of AI teammates drag casualties
- Fix: Undesirable player teleportation if wounded
- Fix: Steal/Sabotage mesh task rotation
- Fix: Double laser/flashlight camo error
- Fix: Number of tasks visible if apocalypse selected
- Fix: Shadows of weapon if flashlight enabled
- Fix: Quit photo mode doesn't keep lastest "Show UI" of player
- Fix: Cinematic intro doesn't work (Conira Castle winter)
- Fix: Cinematic intro doesn't work (Redwood forest winter)
- Fix: Cinematic insertion (Heaven of peace)
- Fix: Camera rotation of photo mode if player is prone
- Fix: Factory building glass opacity
- Fix: Aim offset player if photo mode enabled
- Fix: Insertion UI - task test alignment
- Fix: Left foot position with lean movement
- Fix: Tutorial zone doesn't detect player pawn
- Fix: Use slide conditions errors
- Fix: Time remaining (synchro shot) always display if show UI disable
- Fix: Wounded if prone
- Fix: Can use slide loop
- Fix: Stone walls collisions
- Fix: Warehouse roof collision
- Fix: Plank rubble collisions
- Fix: Radio task LOD
- Fix: Assets locations (Central Hospital)
- Fix: Stairs collision (Central Hospital)
- Fix: Stairs railing collision (Central Hospital)
- Fix: Cannot disable AI command if wounded
- Fix: Missing translations
- Fix: Italian translations
- Fix: Russian translations
- Fix: French translations
- Remove: Takedown animation (have too issues) - replace by attack with a knife

BETA 1 release: Massive update !

BETA 1 release: Massive update !


The Alpha is over! Beta 1 is now online and without a doubt this is the biggest Black Day update so far.

BETA 1: Preview 2

BETA 1: Preview 2


A little patience... un peu de patience... un poco de paciencia... ein wenig Geduld... un attimo di pazienza... tерпение... um pouco de paciência...

BETA 1: Preview

BETA 1: Preview


Discover new content of first beta (new clothes, weapons, map, translations...)

Beta on the road: Call to translators !

Beta on the road: Call to translators !


Beta on the road ! Now is the time to translate Black Day. If you are interesting, please contact me directly.

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Системные требования игры?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Please join the Ground Branch team ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Please focus on UI at some point.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Does anyone have a mouse problem when it's full screen or know how to help it only let's me control like a quarter of the screen

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
HeliosProduction Creator

never had this problem. use left click on menu for sure mouse ingame

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Any plans for multiplayer coop? It seems like you started this project asking yourself "what if Ghost Recon Wildlands didn't suck?", looks great even though it's early in development.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
HeliosProduction Creator

Hi N3uR0m4nT3, thanks you for your comment. I like to share a coop version but I'm promise nothing. Currently, I need to consolidate the single player gameplay. Think to work a coop nearly end of early access (fall 2018)

Reply Good karma+5 votes

I just love the roads, the landscape and the water! Great job on that. And a 9km map is the right thing for this game I belive. Thanks for it! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

"Stealth Sandbox Shooter". Well that sounds quite interesting! Also the Screenshots look nice.
If it won't be too expensive on steam when it hits early access I'll probably buy it :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
HeliosProduction Creator

Black Day will cost 25€. Nothing DLC, only free content and updates ;)

Reply Good karma+5 votes
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