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This week we started to work on new level design and the walking cycle for our little luminescent mushroom.

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Hello again!

How is everyone?

Today I bring to you our new developments for OSHI.

We are currently working on level design. We have a procedural level generator in our game, but it works with pre made rooms that we design.

We want the rooms to have different interactions between player, enemies and traps and we will categorize them according to their difficulty in easy, medium and difficult rooms.

To start we just made a list of interactions that we can make between all elements of the game and then we started to actually design some rooms based on these interactions.

We are also creating new rooms for the tutorial because we want to introduce the different mechanics, enemies and traps with time, to let the player get used to the surroundings. We decided to create 5 levels for the tutorial in which each level we introduce a new feature.

IMG 20200430 092627IMG 20200430 092609IMG 20200430 092632

Besides working on new game design, we also changed a bit in the art and began to work on new animations.

The backgrounds we had previously were not prepared for the parallax effect that we want to make now, so, for that, we changed the backgrounds to different layers.





Also changed the menu background a bit, added a darker foreground and more grass and trees.


We have a lot of animations to do, but this week we only started working on the player walk cycle. We only have the initial sprites.

1 11 2

1 31 4

This was our weekly update.

What do you think?

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