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Introducing our latest addition to the game, Monster Transformation Mode!

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Hello everyone! We are happy to introduce our latest addition to the game, Monster Transformation Mode!

In this mode, that game can only end if both humans meet for 15 seconds. And if a monster catches a human

A new game mode (Monster Transformation):In this mode, the game ends only when the humans stay close to each other for 15 seconds. So, when you play as monster and you catch a human, you will become a human, and he will become a monster. Now, as a new human, you have to find the other human to win.

Here is the list of changes in this version:

  • The game now has 2 game modes and you can play them both:
    Fast Catch: the original game mode.
    Monster Transformation: the new game mode.
  • Added a new human voice (Amazing voice acting by Jeremy Frutkin)
  • Redesigned the game log (the one on the top right corner) to show a better display of the powers used and important game events.
  • Invisibility now allows you to pass through monsters without being caught.
  • Speed boost effect was increased.
  • Added confirmation popup on game quit and room leaving
  • Improved the AI (it can’t detect you if it can’t see you or hear you).
  • Improved the shout wave design.
  • Improved the power and ability oval indicator with colors.
  • Added an on-screen sound mute indicator (like TVs).
  • Players now are able to select team by clicking on the monster or human as a button.
  • Overall UI improvements.
  • Fixed several issues with powers usage.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate names might appear in the waiting area.
  • Fixed several UI issues.
  • Fixed an issue with wrong footsteps sound being played.
  • Fixed an issue where a newly connected gamepad does not work properly.
  • Fixed a gate issue in Hesen 2 level.
  • Fixed an issue when the monster sound returns, it’s plays very loud for half a second.
  • Fixed an issue where even if you had Steam overlay you could control the game.
  • Removed color banding from the camera. Removed precomputed GI.

We look forward to our next update!

Thank you for your support!

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