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You really want to play this game with your friends. This is our idea how you will do that!

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It's time for more technical stuff. Today we will take a deeper look into the multiplayer part of Tal'Doria.


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You can play Dungeons of Tal'Doria alone or with your friends. It's too early to give an exact number yet, but at least two friends can join your journey.

Play with friends
You and two friends with different classes

While we developing new systems, we will focus on the multiplayer aspect. Some challenges may be too difficult to beat them alone and you will need to play more character if you want to master all professions.

This week I've started with the development of the multiplayer part. We've decided to use the Server-Client multiplayer concept. So one player can host a session and his friends can join him. It will also possible to make a dedicated server.

Server-Client Concept
Server-Client Concept

We will implement an authoritative server system. That means that every action (like movement, use of items, etc.) will be validated and calculated on the server. Even the character save file with the inventory and skills will be saved on the server. That's quite complex, but it's the best way for this type of game. Only the server has a lot of workload to do (like generating the world, spawning monsters, AI, synchronizing characters, etc.) and the clients only visualize everything.

Until I've started to write this article, I was able to implement the multiplayer initialization code, so players can already connect each other and the world chunks are sent to each client. Clients cannot move yet, animations are not synced and there is one more thing that needs to be done. You can guess what it is.

Server-Player standing in the world
Server-Player standing in the world

Client-Player standing in the world
Client-Player standing in the same world

I suppose it's enough technical stuff for today. Feel free to ask questions :)


We've created a few buildings for a village. Click on them to see them from all directions. What do you think?

Showcase: House

Showcase: Barn

Showcase: Windmill


Here are our Last Asked Questions for this week.

"Will there be mod-support?"

All systems are already planned that it will be really easy to add quite easy a new biome, a new monster, new items, etc. But we won't add mod support in the early stages of the development.

"Which languages will be supported?"

During the development of the game, it will always be available in English and German, but we won't add more languages due to the huge changes with each patch. But we will support fan translations!

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