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Post news RSS More animations, more events, and first failure - devlog 07.05.2019

We’ve got a witch! And you will decide what to do about it. More developments, and one minor setback, below.

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We’ve got a witch! And you will decide what to do about it. More developments, and one minor setback, below.

Development status - what we’ve already done:

  • Over 420 events and decisions to make
  • The battle system + tutorial + after battle animations
  • The game’s ability to generate NPC characters
  • Random NPC appearance generator, with animations
  • Marriages
  • Royal children
  • Prestige/resources balancing system
  • Traits system
  • Categorization of players according to their style of play

What we’ve been working on last week:

  • More events and decisions
  • Event database with the ability to add procedurally generated events
  • After battle animations
  • Death graphics and animations
  • Dividing kingdoms into provinces
  • Dynamic decisions generator

New section - What we’ve got stuck on this week:

We’ve had trouble with the map. Specifically, with dynamic centering of the kingdoms’ names on the map :)

What we’re going to work on this week:

  • More death graphics and animations
  • Functions for procedurally generated events
  • Improving the algorithms and design of the game - spying, inheritance, wars - final decisions
  • More events :)

New events

What if a woman accused of witchcraft appears at the royal castle? Will you treat her as a devil’s seed? A wise herbalist? Someone who can be useful? A threat to be eliminated? As always, it will be up to you.

After battle animations

This is want you’ll see after battling with other kingdoms :)

After battle animations - Indie DB

Death graphics and animations

death in battle

death in duel

Two king’s death scenes finished. There will be five more of them, each one animated!

Death in battle - Indie DB

Dynamic map of England with provinces changing ownership – the progress and the fuckup :)


We’ve made a map with provinces that you can conquer or lose. Then we had trouble with centering the kingdoms’ names. When the player captures parts of other kingdoms, the names should re-center themselves in a nice looking fashion - but it’s not that simple with uneven province borders. We need to take a little rest from it. For now, our coder used fixed coordinates for these names.

Dynamic decisions generator

For every event in the game, you are presented with two decisions to choose from – but these two don’t have to be the same with every playthrough. Next time the game might match the event with different options to choose, depending on your play style, the situation on the map, etc.

Thanks for reading!


Interesting fact about early medieval England:

The nobles, the wealthiest and most influential people in Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, constituted one percent of the population. Sounds familiar?

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