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Monarchs will be the latest addition to DoN! Caterpillar video, first month on Steam overview and more!

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What better way to recap Drunk On Nectar's first month on Steam than by starting with a Monarch caterpillar preview video!

First month on Steam recap!

For the benefit of those who aren't following DoN's community hub or forums, here's a quick roundup of news: four major patches were pushed in all, the main focus was making the game easier for new players to get into the game. Feedback around camera/controls/difficulty-levels was addressed, a new Exploration game mode with no hunger and access to all four seasons was added and a ton of bugfixes went in. A new music track was added too :)

The most popular feature requests included new species (especially more land based creatures) and multiplayer support; both of these are coming!.

Finally, a humongous number of video tutorials were released, here's just a small selection of them!

Even more tutorials and videos can be found on DoN's youtube channel!

Upcoming species/features

Monarch butterflies and multiplayer support are two major upcoming features. Monarchs signify the beginning of Drunk On Nectar's foray into metamorphosis and animal lifecycles.

There's been a lot of requests for more species/creatures and rest assured these have been heard, but it is also important to remember that animal lifecycles are the main focus of DoN's EA; from a sandbox/simulation standpoint existing creatures in the game should be able to not only thrive, reproduce, propagate themselves across seasons, but also have the next generation start over again in one beautiful, continuous circle of life. That is what provides a solid foundation for adding new creatures onto.

Finally, DoN is 10% off for Steam's Winter sale, please consider supporting the game by buying it or by spreading the word!

You can purchase the game using the link below or using IndieDB's Purchase bar on the right-side panel!

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