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Lifecycles Act 2 Storyboard 1 M

The Nature Game

Drunk On Nectar is a Nature Sandbox game about animals, plants and ecology. Multiple game-modes allow you to play as a creatures, simulate ecosystems or challenge yourself on quests maps with leaderboards.

Multiplayer support is planned for 2018.

DoN aims to provide the most comprehensive nature experience gaming has ever seen. To this end, the game has been built at invertebrate-scale (a 0.1 mm accurate micro world) for an unprecedented level of detail. Plants in DoN are not flat props but living, growing entities that flower, pollinate and propagate across seasons like real plants. Finally, each species has unique gameplay depending on its morphology.

The current release features eight invertebrate species:

  • The Monarch Butterfly (will full lifecycle from Caterpillar to adult!)
  • Jumping Spider (Phidippus Regius, with Lifecycle upto Third Instar)
  • The Ladybug Beetle
  • Dragonfly (Common Hawker)
  • Ants & Mealybugs (mutualism)
  • Butterfly (Viceroy)
  • Bee (Solitary).

Plants are first-class citizens in DoN and expected to play an increasingly important role over time.

Additional species of animals, plants and ecological phenomena are planned for addition once the game's EA goals (read above) have been met. You are welcome to vote for a creature or plant you're excited about for addition in the community forums!

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"Life As Prey" Released!


Life As Prey - A Grasshopper's Lifecycle

Grasshoppers Mating on the underside of a leaf!

It's finally here! Life As Prey brings you life from the viewpoint of a super-tiny Grasshopper nymph, freshly hatched from its egg, fragile and defenseless (except for its mighty legs, but more on that later!).

Survive, Grow bigger and overcome fierce predators as you and your siblings scramble from grass to fern and leaf to flower in your quest to reach adulthood and find a mate!

Tiny Grasshopper Under a Giant DTiny Grasshopper nymph under a Dragonfly predator

A Long Jump Radial BlurGrow your mighty legs and wings soon; you're going to be need both!

Developer Commentary - Video Series!

Join DoN's Developer Venugopalan Sreedharan as we don the role of a Female grasshopper first, growing her wings and eventually finding a mate, mating and laying eggs!

We then look at a 2nd generation Male Grasshopper who undertakes as similar journey albeit in a more highly crowded G2 lifecycle!

Looking ahead

With the Grasshopper's entire lifecycle now complete, the focus shifts to wrapping up the life stories of the rest of the roster.

The Ladybug (/Ladybird!) is the top candidate at present, with its strikingly unique larvae and vividly colored adult forms!

Until then though, here's another look at Life As Prey!

Grasshopper Lifecycle P1 70pc

Drunk On Nectar is available for purchase on Steam!

Link: Store.steampowered.com

I hope you enjoyed this "Life As Prey" Grasshopper Release, do try your hand (or indeed, Legs!) at living the life of a Grasshopper in Drunk On Nectar's green glades!

Thanks for reading :)

With ❤,

Venugopalan Sreedharan

(Developer of Drunk On Nectar)

"Mating & Reproducrtion" Release Preview

"Mating & Reproducrtion" Release Preview


Anatomy, flirting, physicality and racing minigames abound in this video preview of Drunk On Nectar's "Monarch Butterfly Mating & Reproduction" Steam...

Butterfly Mating, Reproduction & Migration Announced!

Butterfly Mating, Reproduction & Migration Announced!


Butterfly Copulation! The Monarch Butterfly's Mating, Reproduction & Migration is coming soon in Drunk On Nectar's next Steam update. Learn more now!

Animations & Visual Updates

Animations & Visual Updates


The best looking version of Drunk On Nectar is now here with this update that adds new animations, improves existing visuals and enhances the whole game...

Full Gameplay Walkthrough of Lifecycles Act 2 (5 Videos!)

Full Gameplay Walkthrough of Lifecycles Act 2 (5 Videos!)


Developer Plays! Watch Venu, the Developer of Drunk On Nectar play Act 2 in this quick series of walkthrough/speedrun videos. The latest patches for Act...

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i made this account just to say do you know how badly i'm hoping that mantises are in this game or will be added soon.

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drunkonnectar Creator

Hey, just saw your comment now :) Yes! Praying Mantis is a high-priority creature for the game and will be taken up in 2019 most likely.

Gameplay ideas/inspirations for the Mantis are welcome! Because it lies mostly camouflaged, waiting for its food to come up to it, the gameplay may be slightly more slow-paced than some players might enjoy, so I'd love to hear about what kind of gameplay you are expecting or want to see for this iconic creature!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The environment is spot on. Would be cool to see a food chain implemented, like fish that can jump out of the water to eat you, or birds that can pluck you out of the sky, etc.

nice work

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

Thank you! That is the plan. There's a lot of territory to be covered among invertebrates/insect, but vertical excursions along the food chain are planned even during the game's early sojourn. Many players have asked for lizards/frogs/small birds so far.

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Wow this looks really interesting

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

Thank you!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

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como baixa isso

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
drunkonnectar Creator

Hey, is that a question about how to lower your settings in-game? If so, you should be able to go Settings->Video and fine-tune various settings in there. There are also performance friendly world presets (maps) that do away with all the fancy props, etc to provide maximum performance.

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Aug 29 2018

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