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Almost every major game released theses days is made in 3D or uses a heavy amount of 3D assets. For our small indie studio we want to make all assets in a low poly style. We are going to talk about how we are able to create 3D models with a good optimization to windows and above all mobile (Android)

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The modeling process in this game is very similar to the modeling process in other mediums, but when modeling for games the most important thing to consider is the polycount of our model, and keeping all of our polygons in Quads or Triangles.

basic towers

Above we can see the first 3D Concept models


First let's look at polycounts. The polycount of our model is the total number of triangular polygons it takes to draw your model in 3D space. The higher the polycount is for our model, the longer it takes for the system to render it , since will be released in mobile, render times are very important!

We are making all assets with the as many lower polys possible, it depends in which type of asset is required, a small fence, a tower or a big enemy base, but in the end it needs to be as low poly as possible.


Above we can see our model of a flametower

Triangles and Quads

The other main thing I wanted to talk about is our modeling process in keeping our polygons in Triangles and Quads. When our model is brought into Unity, or exported from the 3D application (Maya, Blender), every single polygon in our model will be triangulated (turned into two or more triangles) for easier calculations when rendering. The system does this by creating new edges to connect existing vertices on your model.

Triangulating a polygon is a simple process, but the more sides the polygon has, the more ways it can be triangulated. This is important because depending on how a polygon is triangulated, it may end up becoming more complex than it needs to be. If our model is already triangulated, the system won't have to do anything, and you will have more control over how your final model looks.


Above we can see our model of a Tesla tower

Unseen Polygons

Another helpful way to keep our polycount down is to remove unseen polygons from our model. There are some scenarios where it will be impossible for the player to see certain parts or sides of a model, because of the way it is being used in the game. Since the player will never see these parts of an object, it would literally be a waste to use polygons on them.

Modeling: Polycounts and Optimization

To make this work even more effectively, we will remove the parts of the tower which are too obscured or low down on the screen for the player to ever see, since it allows them to make the rest of the tower look that much better. (example the bottom part or very small parts).


Above we can see our model of a DPS tower

If you have any further question about this theme, feel free to ask us, we will do the best to answer it :)

Further information:

Twitter: twitter.com/lamp_studios
Instagram: instagram.com/blue_lamp_studios/

Rise of Zoulth is an upcoming tower offense videogame developed by Blue Lamp Studios, for Windows PC and Android Mobile.

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