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This update represents a turning point in the M.A.V development as I start focusing on updating the art and visuals to a more final quality. This is represented in the newest level and with the new trailer video.

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M.A.V. Development

Wow, it's been a long time since I have updated you on the state of the game. I am sorry for leaving you out of the loop.

So, what has changed between version 0.3.10 and the new version 0.5.0? A LOT! There have been 15! updates to the game since I last updated this page.

There is now a development plan! Go check it out to find out about the story of M.A.V., what caused the war and who is fighting. Also, the development plan has details on all the planned weapon types (Over 20!), other part types, and additional features.

The art style has officially changed as well. I am no longer pursuing a cell shaded look and instead will be shooting for a 'dirty realism' that is more fitting for the gameplay and story. Check out this new trailer to get an idea of what the game looks like now:

As for development, that has been a massive effort to optimize the game, which has made multiplayer incredibly smooth. Speaking of multiplayer, the options available to you when running a server have been greatly expanded and allow you to customize the game mode to your tastes. There are also weekly multiplayer games that are organized by some of the fans. You should join them!

Cool new features:

  • Xbox 360 controller support
  • New movement mode (cockpit does not rotate aim when you turn now)
  • An overhead map
  • Advanced Team AI, the AI will plan an attack and defend against attacks.
  • Advanced navigation for the AI to help with more complex levels
  • LOTS of game balance tweaks
  • Tons of explosion and sound work for all the different impact sounds
  • Impact system for high powered weapons, causes impact recoil and stumbling when shooting enemies.
  • Options manager: Invert your controls, adjust sound volumes, and more
  • Aim compensation to slow down aim speed when zoomed in
  • Large updates to the M.A.V. builder to help with part rotations and building your custom M.A.V's

Whew! That's a lot of updates!

If you want up to the minute coverage, be sure to check out the weekly 'State of the game' posts on the development blog, and follow me on twitter @BombDogStudios.

[M.A.V. is currently in Alpha funding. You can participate in the Alpha builds by registering a username at Bombdogstudios.com and purchasing a membership for $10. The Alpha membership guarantees you access to all future updates, including the final release of the game, for free.]


Did I pay for this already?
If I did, can I pay for this again?
If not, when can I secure my ownership of this game through currency transaction?

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Cyberdogs7 Author

Hey, go here www.bombdogstudios.com/user/ to create a username / login and you can buy the game, or buy gift codes to give to your friends!

It's $10 right now, while I am in alpha.

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Getting closer and closer to becoming Chromehounds!! Keep up the awesome work guys!

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