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Post news RSS Let's Isometric! "Tactical View" in progress on DUAL GEAR mech turn Base action game!

More assets and tactical features development for the next build! Still recieving more contributors on IndieGoGo!

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Monthly Update! Tactical View Feature, New Thruster packs, and Vote us for "Indie of the year 2016" on IndieDB!

Hi, Pilot we are back for monthly update again! New update and work in progress screenshots showing to you!

After the campaign funded at the earlier of October, we are in In demand on Indiegogo and still received your pre-order and contribution. We are on 13.4k$ right now and need a little bit to get a 15k $ for unlocking a "Transformable Mech" add to the game. Also, We sent 70% of Alpha Access steam keys to Alpha/Beta backers. We hope everyone who've got the key will enjoy that version and keep following the next update will coming shortly. Let's check our new WIP report below, pilots!

"Tactical View" and "Combat View" features.

The Screenshots you seeing above are a "Tactical View feature", the feature will allow the player to see units on traditional turn base
view. On the latest version, a player can do only a switch to next unit on "Combat View" by fixed input. For a new feature, the player will start a unit with Tactical View before. Player freely to switch all unit and place the order, Check a performance of units, and see some information of enemy units. The WIP Images will show some sub-menu DDE Link, Map, and Dual Drive Gauge, we will update the details about them soon.

HUD and UI improving!

We changed some position of sub-UI and added a pilot image. So the image still a WIP, Something may be change when the update is ready.

New Back Pack Screenshots

You may not know. Dual Gear can attach backpack parts, but on the latest build, we have only one backpack able to use.

Not only increase the GP( Generator Power, Energy). Each backpack will have different additional abilities included!
Example, Radar type backpack will increase a maximum range of the weapon, Fully thrusters backpack will allow the player
to moving by boost input, and also, we have Repair backpack! New parts and new features are coming! Stay tuned, our Alpha/Beta Pilots!

Let's Vote "DUAL GEAR" to be the "Indie of the year 2016" on IndieDB!

Check it out and vote us on IndieDB! Only one week for that! The new year is coming. Thank you from the bottom of our heart. We got a lot of support from you all and bring the "DUAL GEAR" to be here! We will do our best for the next year!

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Support and get Alpha/Beta Access on IndieGoGo.

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