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Hello everyone! The latest update for our adventure/puzzle/action game 'Crystals Of Theia' was too long ago, but we have not stopped working on it, so read on if you'd like to know more about the game, and enjoy lots of new screenshots! Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

My apologies for the long period between the latest update and now, but rest assured, we have NOT taken a break, lol! In fact, lots of things happened between then and now, and I want to share all the news with you now.

To begin with, my team has grown since last time. Some left, others joined, it's an ongoing process of adaptation and keeping everyone motivated as much as possible, but any indie game team will have it's ups and downs.

We have been working very hard on getting a trailer and demo finished. The demo is getting near to a finish, but there's no fixed date for that yet. Hopefully I can give you the good news very soon.

Many new assets were created, new features were programmed in, the level design is going really well, our voice actors made new voice sound files, new cool particle effects were created, sound design for music and ingame sounds goes well, new animations for the characters were created, and our character artists have been working hard to make the characters that will populate the world in 'Crystals Of Theia'.

The plan is to get that trailer and demo finished asap, which we will then use to raise some funds so that we can add more and better features to the game.

Soon I will also record a video, showing some of the new game mechanics, the very cool looking new particle fx for bullet impact, and also showing a glimpse of the highly improved visuals of the level.

But, for now...you'll have to settle with a looooot of images of our latest works of art (3d characters and assets, ingame screenshots, etc...)

I hope you'll enjoy all the photo's, and for more regular information about the project, you can always follow us on Twitter here: Twitter.com

COT SL 005

COT SL 006

COT SL 002











This looks great! Have you got an​ audio composer on board?

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