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Get details to signup to stream pre-alpha Labyrinth. Event starts Jan 29. Achieved another Backer Quest rewards. Vote for your favorite metamechanic. Check out our latest development and concept card art.

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Fire ElementalFire Elemental

Skybound Labyrinth Pre-Alpha Challenge

Starts this Friday at 10:00 AM PST. Details and signup here.

Fury SwordFury Sword

Backer Quests

Every backer earned an additional copy of the 3rd alternative-art offense card!


Thank you to everyone for continuing to support Labyrinth's development! Now we are working on the next immediate goal of an additional copy of the 4th alternative-art offense card.

Defense SentriesDefense Sentries

Metamechanics Fan Art Event

There were 3 entries for this event. Pick your favorite.

See rules here.

Curse of DoomCurse of Doom


We are working feverishly on getting the pre-alpha build ready for the Twitch event that starts on January 29th. Everyone in the company can now play Labyrinth at the same time and it keeps working....minus lots of bugs. :) Yeah, 15 CCU!

This last week we worked on:

  • The engineering team worked on core systems including data serialization, profile loading data, match history, saving party, atlasing, Steam login; UI including deck builder, card collection, pvp decks, boss filters, scrimmage button, Raid screen; effects including weapon trails, movement; and mobile including getting Android running, iOS investigation.
  • The art team worked on effects for theif, tinker, blind swordsman, and pyro melee; character gallery background scene; skinning Ardelon Knight with Horse, Mountain Clansman with Horse, Cryofiend; UI including deck builder and dialog standardization; card art and card backs.
  • The audio tema worked on sounds for the temple oracle, war beast, and astral champion.
  • The design team worked on card frames, rules data, Twitch pre-alpha build, and cards for fireheart, minotaur, giantess.

Pre-Alpha...Alpha...Early Access...Release: Although we've been working hard to make progress as fast as possible and let you have a look at the game in its current state, the pre-alpha is far from finished. It is not feature complete and is full of bugs. The Kickstarter campaign page described the game as we are working to have when it is 'Released.'

There will be several months between now and when the game is released. We will try to have something new to show you in the build every month. Sometimes the progress will be dramatic with new features and new content, sometimes the progress will be less visible and "under the hood."

We look forward to your feedback at each stage. Our current plan is as follows; it's subject to change.

  • The Pre-Alpha is open for 3 days for anyone who wants to Stream it.
  • Next month, Alpha will be limited to those with an Alpha Key and will be open a couple of weeks.
  • Then in March, Early Access will be open to those who already have a key and anyone who buys one on Steam.
  • We will probably be in Early Access for about 6 months as we add features monthly.

Temple OracleTemple Oracle


Very cool illustrations!

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