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A brief overview and showcase of our Concept Art and 3D Head Models for the Althas character of Bordrand.

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We 1st introduced you all to Bordrand’s Face back in 2014. During that time we’ve been hard at work bringing what was once just a set of eyes blinking at you to an almost completed Bordrand Head.

The Concept was by Chester Carr (Chestman)

Bordrand FaceBordrand Face Side

2016 Was a busy year for our fellow, there were many low-poly passes on his likeness starting in January of that year created by Kassia Mosher.

Bordrand 1 29


Bordrand LowPoly 10 31


Bordrand LowPoly 11 13

Each pass has its own defining features, but all staying closely related to the concept art and our initial description of his “hazel blue eyes, thick beard and long hair.” That being said we have been very busy since 2016 and we're here to show you our latest version of Bordrand created by Joseph Ventura

BordrandOld Right LowRes
BordrandOld Left LowRes

This is our Work in progress high poly version of him, we’ve been able to achieve a lot more expressive hair and tons of more detail in between these versions of him.

We are excited to continue working on him as well as all the other people in our game and you show you a full bodied Bordrand!


It's nice to see this kind of progress documentation. Are you using the unreal's hair shader? I know it can get expensive, but if set up properly works really. I would only recommend (based on the last two pictures) to check whether your hair cards have custom vertex normals? Right now it looks like they have default "plane" normals. If you need help with that PM me.

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gsyoung Author

The Modeler Stated "I used a modified version of the paragon hair shader with some elements removed, single ic set and default mesh normals,Single UV set"

-Joseph Ventura

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yeah, sounds like hair mesh normals need to adjusted to mimic a volume. If you google that you will instructions how to do that.

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