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And we have some new cool updates on Steam! Check it out!

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Hey guys!

It’s time for the first update in this year. We have a new feature, some changes and fixes this time too. This might not be the biggest update ever but is needed to pave way for further development. As with previous update, these new features are also not well explained in-game, as we are concentrating on improving the core mechanics of the game first, so thanks for your patience.

So here it goes:



Living world
Although not too spectacular by itself at this moment it is a core for future features. This feature introduces simulation of interregional relations. Now regions connect to one another according to rules that will get more complex and realistic with time boosting each other’s power by doing so. These connections are represented with lines. Thicker end of the line means this region profits more from the connection as it is dominant. There are also some rudimentary events happening under the hood that animate this system a bit.


  • Region neighbor lists have been revisited, making more connections between regions.
  • New features and changes mean some more balancing of numerous features for playability sake.


  • Warfares have been revised too. New requirements have been set and also new balancing was needed. Warfares now happen between regions which are not your allies or you do not have branches in too.

As with previous updates, this update is applied to both the default and beta branch and since it brings many changes loading your old save game might have different results than expected.

We also implemented some new stuff that isn't localized yet so if you spot any discrepancies in the text and gameplay please let us know.

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