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PBR Textures, Finnish IFV, new gear and the winter exam session.

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Long time no see...but we finally managed to get an update together for you guys.

So just after we wrapped out our last update, we found ourselves stuck in the bloody winter exam session.That being said we had few to none time to work on our project, but that didn't actually stooped us from trying.

First thing on our list was to finish of the helipad model :

EU - Helipad

Looking at it now..it will surely need a new texture update but it'll be enough to render the shape in which we want it to appear in the game.

With time passing i got introduced to the PBR workflow. Which i will tell you guys right now ...it's pretty damn amazing! First thing i had to do is learn how to use a next gen texturing software, which in my case i went straight for Substance Painter.An amazing tool which simplified my workflow by a ton and offered better texturing quality with a lot more realistic material rendering.

So let's check out what i have achieved by using it:

Patria - EU IFV

A new addition to our tech-tree is the IFV class,which will be replacing the artillery in the rock paper scissor system, countering the Raider and being wrecked by the superior armed MBT.

Some of the old units were begging for a complet overhaul.

Fennek - EU Scout Vehicle

Leopard A5 - EU Main Battle Tank

AS-90 -EU Artillery

Although nothing visually can be shown yet, i will let you know that our programmer is cooking something really cool which hopefully will be able to showcase soon.

With the exam session finished we will be having a lot more time for making awesome stuff for you guys. So expect a lot more fresh material in the coming weeks.

That's all our progress for the past month. Make sure you click on the Start tracking button and like us on our Facebook page for future updates and more details.Thank you for your attention and have a day !


That Leopard looks slick. Actually, they all look slick.

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Looking really good! :D

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