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Today’s Isonzo Intel shows off the Barracks screen where you can track your progress and customize the appearance of your soldiers.

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As we’ve explained before, Isonzo has a different progression system to our previous games. In Verdun and Tannenberg you gained points as you fought which could be used to unlock new loadouts for any role or squad. So how does it work in the new Isonzo class system?


The Barracks

From the main menu (and during battles) you can visit the barracks to choose how to visually customize each of your classes, see your level per class, and track your progression through the challenges for each class. These challenges are how you unlock new weapons, equipment and perks, while leveling up means new challenges become available.


Switching between classes in the Barracks.

Unlocking More Choices

In Isonzo, you unlock new class options by leveling up through battle experience, then completing class challenges. These challenges teach players how to use the strengths of their class, e.g. Engineers have challenges relating to construction, heavy weapons, and sabotage objectives, while Officers need to use their flares, call in support, and issue orders. Completing these challenges will unlock new weapons, equipment, and perks for the class. You unlock weapons for both factions regardless of which side you’ve been playing most - the challenges are class based, not faction based.


Here’s a WIP view of the Mountaineer class’s first set of challenge rewards.
Since they haven’t reached level two, the challenge isn’t yet active.

You will also still earn experience points and ranks as you play, up to rank 20. Challenges are unlocked when you reach certain levels. For instance in the current design the first challenge for each class is unlocked once you reach level two. As we said above, the challenges are designed to encourage people to play the classes in ways that make use of their unique advantages and benefit their team, so they also take on something of a tutorial role and are paced with that in mind.

The Rifleman
As an example, when playing as a Rifleman you’ll first need to gain a level. You do this by simply playing the game - almost everything you can do will gain you some XP. Once you reach level two, the first challenge will unlock: Combat Experience I, which simply requires you to kill 10 enemies and participate in capturing or recapturing an objective. That challenge will unlock the ammo box equipment along with two rifles, one Italian and one Austro-Hungarian. Further down the line, another challenge will require you to use that newly unlocked ammo box to resupply your comrades.


The rifleman’s level 10 challenge screen. When completed, Grenadier I will unlock rifle grenades!

A later challenge unlocks grenades as secondary weapons, which leads on to the next challenge where you must make use of those grenades to achieve Grenadier I, which calls for you to kill 20 enemies with grenades and 20 enemies with the bayonet. You can see how this can help new players learn by doing - as they go to complete the challenges, they’ll come to understand the tools at their disposal. As a final treat, players who reach level 20 with a class will unlock late war uniforms for that class!


The late war Italian Marksman uniform unlocked at level 20.

Isonzo will release September 13th

Launch day is drawing closer! Remember that you can already wishlist the game...

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