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Come see what some of our environment studies are looking so far!

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Hello once again IndieDB!

This time we present you some of the sketches to study and visualize the environment of the scene of our game. You are going to see some thumbnails and also some messing around with 3D in Blender. Hope you like them!

So let's start! Here, we'll show you some of the studies and moodboards for the creation of the environment, you can also see some of the initial ideas and moodboards on the first article of our page.

Assets moodboard

And here are some of the thumbnails:

image 3

thumbnail 1

thumbnail 3

And after a better idea of the objects and size of the scene, our awesome artist started to work and experiment on a 3D scene using Blender.

image 1


And here's a fireplace with the materials all in place!

image 2

And finally, here's a mockup with good lighting on Blender!

bullshot 2

That's all for environment sketches, hope you enjoyed :)

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Have a good end of the week and stay cozy <3

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